You Don’t Need to Be Divorced to Qualify

Many people believe that in order to qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief, they need to be divorced. This is incorrect.

While tax problems and other financial troubles can eventually lead to divorce, this is not a requirement for either traditional Innocent Spouse Relief or Equitable Relief.

You Don’t Need to Tell the IRS Everything

The IRS will intentionally ask for information from potential Innocent Spouses in order to confuse them and trap them into saying something that disqualifies them for relief.

Don't let them.

An experienced Tax Attorney can help you make sure that you are not "oversharing" with the IRS.

Share Your Innocent Spouse Story

Dealing with an unwanted and unwarranted tax burden is bad enough without having to worry about whether or not the IRS will actually listen to you when you tell them why it is unfair to stick you with your spouse's tax bill.

I want to hear your story. I help my clients by making sure that we discuss their entire story, and then I make sure that the story is framed correctly so that the IRS understands the situation and does not intentionally misconstrue it.